maanantai 11. syyskuuta 2017

"Nothing is a mistake " -

- one of John Cage's rules, which has to be "golden rule" of studying. 
The beginning of each new week brings new knowledge and experience. Every single day opens new horizons for us in different techniques and helps to understand things we do in dance not only by our minds, but much deeper. We learn to listen to the most important tool for dancers - the body; try to find out how do muscles work, how breathing depends on different parts of spine and rib cage and also muscles.
Ballet didactic gives a new glance at doing classical dance exercises, explains what for we do them. Of course, it is clear that behind the beauty of classical ballet is a great hard work, but that new week helped to understand also not only the beauty, but the developing of dancers qualities, which will be so important and useful in other techniques. Especially, when creating solos.

One of the most exciting moments, speaking with Sari about creating process in choreography. About the inspiration, which can be everywhere, in every single moment, sound, word... 

Thankful for the great opportunity to make our own solos outdoors! Unforgettable moment! 

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